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To enrich lives and improve the community through chess as a combination of science, art and sport.

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To promote chess as a sport that helps children become better people.


About club

Chess club Brda was founded in November 2006. It was founded by a group of chess players dissatisfied with the current situation in Split chess, led by the club's first president, Tihomir Bužančić.

Brđani had their first performance in 2007. In the then southern group of the 4th league, they won the first place and entered the higher rank. In 2008, Brđani also won in the 3rd league and entered the southern group of the 2nd league.

In 2009, Brđani also won in the 2nd League South and entered the qualifiers. There, in the competition, 4 teams were also first and won placement in the 1B league.
In 2010, in the 1B league, Brđani finished in fourth place, although they fought until the last round for placement in the highest rank.
A year later, in 2011, the Split chess players were second in the 1B league and qualified for the 1A league.
The first appearance in the top tier was unsuccessful and Brđani returned to the 1B league.
In 2013, Brđani finished fourth again in the 1B league, although they needed a draw in the last round to qualify for the top division.
In 2014, great success again, 2nd place in the 1B league and a return to the elite.
In 2015, the greatest success in the history of the club, 6th place in the 1A league, with a victory over the current champion ŠK Zagreb.
The following year, in 2016, Brđani finished last in the 1A league and were relegated to the 1B league.

Since 2017, the Brda chess players have been playing in the 1B league, so the club has had the status of first division for 13 years.

In addition to appearances in leagues, Brda chess players also appeared in 12 Finals of the Croatian Chess Cup. The biggest success happened in 2014 when he won the fifth place.

It is important to note that since 2009, another team has been operating in the club, composed mainly of amateurs and chess lovers. This team also had great success, especially in the 2nd League South.

Among other activities, it is important to add that the Brda Chess Club is the largest organizer of chess tournaments in this part of Europe. For 11 years, we have been organizing the famous "Split Open", and since 2017, the increasingly popular amateur tournament on the island of Solta.

And finally, the greatest pride, the Chess School of the Brda Chess Club. Branko Šarić started working with children in 2015, who is still one of the coaches today. Vladimir Cvetnić, a well-known chess coach and instructor, and well-known author of chess books, also participated in the work with the youngest, and since 2019, Mateo Ivić has taken over the work with the most gifted. This year, 2022, is the most successful so far, because the club's juniors played in the 1st Croatian League, and the cadets made it to the finals of the cadet leagues, among the eight best teams in Croatia, where they are expected to play in Crkikvenica in December this year. In addition, the second cadet team sovereignly won the 2nd cadet league south, and the most talented children started performing for the second team in the senior competition.

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